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    Say Hello to Hobson
    A user-friendly automation platform for
    smart devices & services.
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    Smart Device Sanity
    Hobson brings unified control and interoperability
    to your smart devices.
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    Take Action
    Hobson's tasks allow you to perform actions at
    scheduled times or when specific events occur.
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    Developer Friendly
    Comprehensive, documented APIs make it easy to extend
    Hobson's capabilities. You can even use it as a
    foundation for your own IoT projects.

Hobson is a free, open-source platform that provides interoperability for smart devices and the Internet of Things.


You can be running in minutes with installers for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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Hobson allows incompatible smart devices to talk to one another. No vendor lock-in required.

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Hobson doesn't require a cloud, or even Internet, to continue functioning.

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