The Hobson Hub is software that knows how to talk to many types of smart devices and services. It provides a single point of control and allows smart devices to interact with each other in useful ways.

The Hub software is lightweight and cross-platform so you can install it on PCs, Macs or inexpensive single-board computers like BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi 2.


Many automation hubs rely on a "proprietary vendor cloud" to function. This means every interaction with your system first goes to the vendor then to your Hub. Hobson supports keeping everything local — no information leaves the Hub unless you want it to.


"Proprietary vendor clouds" act as a middle man to your home. When your Internet (or their cloud) goes down, so does your automation system.


The Hobson Hub can be communicated with directly - no Internet is required.


Hobson is not tied to any particular vendor's hardware. This allows you to use smart devices that work best for your needs. And with its robust APIs, if support for a smart device hasn't already been done by the Hobson community, you can do it yourself!